STARA Technologies Inc., located in Gilbert, AZ, is a privately owned company established in 2000 and incorporated in Nevada. STARA specializes in system solutions by rapidly developing and deploying technologies that meet the immediate operational needs of the US Government (USG).

STARA is a collaborative team of inventors/engineers that solve difficult problems with a practical approach, an aggressive timeline, and at a fraction of the cost of large defense contracting companies. STARA solves real world challenges when it matters most - today.

STARA engages in the research, design, development, and production of system solutions and components for commercial and military use on Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), aircraft, helicopters, missiles, spacecraft, marine craft, and ground vehicles in the United States and internationally. Several of our products include portable open architecture Surveillance Towers and Ground Control Stations, Tactical and Humanitarian Delivery Systems, Solar Panel Arrays, Controllers, and Showers, miniature electronic communication and measurement devices, smart actuators, electromechanical systems, IP based communication links, plug-and-play sensors, servo valves, and aeronautical safety systems.

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